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Top 100 tourist destinations in the world: For a Happy Vacation -Part 1


In the midst of all the pressures we are exposed to in our lives from work stress and life pressures, we are looking for a comfortable and quiet place to visit to enjoy and relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.

So, There are many beautiful tourist destinations in the world, which you can visit and spend the most beautiful times with your family or friends.

Therefore, we decided to collect for you in this article a selection of the 100 most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and the most attractive for tourism, which belong to a group of the most beautiful countries in the world that attract tourists and travelers in large numbers, which inevitably will make you think of visiting those places as soon as possible.

Top 100 tourist destinations in the world: For a Happy Vacation

Part 1

1 - Chamarel, Mauritius 

Located between the Rivière Noire department and that of Savanne, Chamarel is one of the most beautiful geological discoveries on the planet, the Seven Colored Earth.

Chamarel is the ideal stop for visiting the Black River Gorges National Park. A circuit to which is naturally added a detour to The Chamarel Park Adventure, a brand new tourist attraction in the region. Chamarel also serves as a starting point for the Ganga Talao, a Hindu pilgrimage.

A lot of other possibilities are also available to visitors in the surrounding area.

2 - Valletta, Malta 

Valletta is Malta’s capital city and is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, with many buildings having a strong Baroque character.

It's also the baroque jewel of the Mediterranean! A walk in the capital of Malta is to discover a "concentrate" of architecture and monuments never equaled in the world. Listed as a Unesco heritage, its palaces, churches and museums contain treasures. Also visit its gardens and its quays: you will be rewarded with extraordinary panoramas !!

Ever fancied yourself exploring what feels like one huge open-air museum? Valletta might just be the perfect place for you.

3 - Banff National Park, Canada 

Banff National Park is Alberta's busiest tourist destination and one of the most visited national parks in North America.

Many activities are possible in the park; Upper Hot Springs, a 27-hole golf course at the Fairmont Banff Springs, and three Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Mount Norquay ski resorts. A network of trails allows many hikes, which can last several days. Other activities are possible in summer as in winter (camping, climbing, horse riding, skiing, Nordic skiing). The use of campgrounds, Alpine Club of Canada huts, or other facilities requires obtaining a backcountry access permit. A reservation for a campsite is also recommended.

4 - Namib desert, Namibia 

Be careful, get ready to be amazed! If you dream of deserts with red sand dunes as far as the eye can see, this is the place to come ... The Namib Desert, located in the west of the country (on the Atlantic coast) is one of the two deserts of Namibia, with the Kalahari Desert. Born over 55 million years ago, it is considered the oldest desert in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It must be said that the place is really incredible: there are very old sand dunes which have solidified (and no longer move) as well as more recent dunes (which continue to move). These dunes were formed by materials from the interior of southern Africa that were carried by ocean currents, wind and water. Incredible, right? In addition, the Namib Desert has an extraordinary ecosystem: it rains extremely rarely, but a little water is brought by the fog coming from the sea, this humidity allowing the desert to accommodate several species. animal and plant.

5 - Tu Le Valley, Vietnam 

Located in the north of Vietnam, Tu Le Valley is an impressive tourist attraction lying on National Highway 32 heading to Mu Cang Chai District, and adjacent to Khau Pha Pass, directly under Van Chan District of Yen Bai Province. Before going through the “horn of heaven” (Khau Pha Pass), visitors will be shocked by the beauty of Tu Le Valley by its mountainous landscapes and travelers can make some stops here to enjoy a little simple rice that famous nation of Thai ethnic.

6 - Saturnia, Italy 

Saturnia, one of the best thermal centers in the world, is a leading destination in terms of wellness tourism. From the high valley of the full Albegna, Saturnia dominates the magnificent landscape of the Grosseto hinterland, between large blocks of tuff and lush green nature. This magnificent destination can be reached by walking through the typical alleys of the Tuscan countryside, offering views of incomparable beauty. Founded by the Pelagi and dominated by Romans, Langobards and Sienese, Saturnia retains several traces of its past such as the ruins of the Sienese, Etruscan and medieval ramparts, the castellum acquarum of Poggio Murella and the archaeological area with archaeological pieces from Etruscan and Roman times.

7 - Hallstatt, Austria 

A fairy-tale village, Hallstatt is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria. Nestled on the mountainside on the shores of Lake Hallstätter See, this village of 750 souls in the Austrian Alps offers a breathtaking panorama, remarkable architectural and archaeological wealth, and there is no shortage of activities.

The picturesque architecture of Hallstatt is one of the main reasons for the influx of tourists, who annually number more than 650,000 in its alleys. Although it only takes about 20 minutes to walk through Hallstatt from end to end, it can take significantly longer to explore.

8 - White Sands, New Mexico 

Rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin is one of the world's great natural wonders.

Like an ocean wave of rare white crystal gypsum sand, White Sands National Monument in the desert of New Mexico is known for dramatic landscapes of rare white gypsum sand dunes.In 2019 White Sands National Monument was redesignated White Sands National Park by The United States Department of the Interior Office of National Parks.

9 - Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Patagonia is one of those distant destinations that we don't necessarily think of for a vacation, and for good reason; the distance makes the trip more complicated and more expensive than a week in Mexico ...

However, it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth, where nature is omnipresent. It's a real paradise for all those who want to recharge their batteries.

10 - Seychells

Seychelles is a fantastic tourist spot and with high infrastructure and its natural islands are the best attraction. Although a journey to this place in Africa is costly, but the quality of traveling is exceptionally high. If you are planning for a honeymoon or you are simply a diving enthusiast, you must visit this place. This is also the place for sailors, gamblers and various sports. Seychelles is located at the four degrees south of the equator and situated on the 4000,000 square kilometers of the Indian ocean. This place is filled with natural beauty, man-made attractions and ancient wonders as well.

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