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Top 100 tourist destinations in the world: For a Happy Vacation -Part 10

Top 100 tourist destinations in the world: For a Happy Vacation 

-Part 10-

91 - Uluru, Australia 

Uluru is one of Australia's most iconic symbols. Located in Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park, in the Red Center, Uluru is a place that bears witness to timeless history, rich indigenous culture and strong spirituality.

The mountain of Uluru, whose colors continue to nuance according to the time of day, is sacred by the Aboriginal people, according to their traditions.

92 - Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe 

For decades, Victoria Falls, where the Zambezi River in southern Africa cascades 100 meters into a deep canyon, has drawn millions of tourists to Zimbabwe and Zambia for their magnificent views. But a drought unprecedented in a century has slowed the waterfalls and fueled fears that climate change could kill one of the region's biggest tourist attractions.

93 - Zakynthos, Greece 

Zante or Zakynthos is the southernmost of the six Ionian islands. It is large and it preserves a still unspoiled wild part with scattered pockets of tourism. If you avoid the peak of the summer period, Zakynthos is then an island that has some nice surprises in store: Magnificent beaches and a jagged coast that is home to important marine sanctuaries (one of the most important Caretta Caretta turtle spawning grounds in the Mediterranean ), and a hinterland with fertile land covered with olive trees, vines or orchards.

94 - Zhangye Danxia Landform, China 

The Rainbow Mountains of China within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park are a geological wonder of the world. These famous Chinese mountains are known for their otherworldly colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling mountains.

Some people believe that God overturned his palette, and the out-of-a-fairytale Zhangye Danxia Landform formed. While for geologists, they praise the Danxia Landform as one of the greatest masterpiece of our Mother Planet. As for tourists, you really have to visit this incredible natural wonder, and do some real photography here if possible.

95 - Ksamil, Albania 

Ksamil, the largest city in southern Albania, is a dream seaside destination.

Ksamil is one of the most attractive seaside resorts on the Albanian Riviera. A romantic and idyllic getaway awaits you in the sheltered cove located in the heart of the resort, with its perfectly white sand and crystal-clear and sparkling waters as its backdrop. You can take a boat trip to the Emerald Islands, take a day trip to the Blue Eye natural spring, or learn about the history of the ancient city of Butrint.

96 - Budapest, Hungary 

From its tumultuous history over a thousand years, Budapest has inherited a motley, but nevertheless sumptuous heritage, which makes it an exceptional conservatory of Central European architecture. Far from being frozen in the past, the "Pearl of the Danube" is also a vibrant metropolis with a renowned nightlife. Better yet, the Hungarian capital is one of the trendiest cities of the Old Continent, with its famous "ruin pubs" and trendy clubs, which attract young people from all over Europe. An excellent destination for a cultural, festive and exotic city break.

97 - Pitons, St Lucia 

Saint Lucia, in the Lesser Antilles, is the perfect place to rest under palm trees, sunbathe on the beaches and get a massage in a spa. When you venture further into the island, however, you discover a number of activities to spend your excess energy.

All tourists want to go to the south of the island to observe the Pitons, two volcanic mountains of very sharp shape. But very few of them make it to the top of these peaks.

98 - Tamil Nadu - India 

The state of Tamil Nadu is located in the extreme south-eastern part of India. it's undoubtedly the most typically Hindu state. The architecture is essentially Dravidian and testifies to the wealth and power of the dynasties which succeeded one another in the Middle Ages (Pallava, Chola, Pandya ...). The region offers many magnificent temples in the purest Dravidian style. Tamil Nadu's population remains predominantly rural and industry is poorly developed.

99 - Forbidden City, Beijing, China 

The year 2020 marks the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City, which the palace intends to celebrate by ensuring more of the complex is open for all visitors than at any other time in its history as a tourist attraction.

It's also the China's most glorious palace sits in the heart of the capital city of Beijing. As one of China's largest and most well-preserved heritage sites, the Forbidden City is a must-see for all visitors to China.

100 - Isla Holbox, Mexico  

Isla Holbox is a haven for travelers looking to relax in a tranquil tropical paradise. Located in the Yum Balam Nature Reserve, this small island offers vacationers a quiet paradise to relax and escape with some of the most breathtaking and unspoiled beaches in the region. You can explore all that this car-free island has to offer on a scenic bike tour through the lush landscapes where you can observe over 100 different species of birds, from spoonbills and herons to pelicans and wild birds pink flamingos.

101 - Ain Asserdoune, Beni Mellal, Morocco 

Ain Asserdoune is a magical space, located to the east of the town of Béni Mellal, between the Middle Atlas and the Tadla Valley, constitutes a unique place of civilizational, cultural and historical mixing where you can, when you walk there, listen to different dialects both Darija and Amazigh, while witnessing scenes of cohabitation and co-neighborhood very striking between the inhabitants of the region.

This natural space, classified national heritage in 1947, is intimately linked to the memory of Béni Mellal and its inhabitants as a tourist hotspot marked by the diversity of its landscapes which vary between paradisiacal gardens and sumptuous waterfalls and which continually attract visitors and people in search of freshness, tranquility and a change of scenery.


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